Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Huw Lloyd-Langton – Space Rock Invasion: Live from the Key Club (2012)

Hawkwind guitarist Huw Lloyd-Langton, after his death at just 61 in December 2012, becomes a central focus of this multi-artist two-DVD release from Cleopatra Records.

Space Rock Invasion: Live from the Key Club was recorded in Hollywood, California, on September 3, 2011, and also features Brainticket as well as a second disc of performances by Roy Albrighton and Nektar, and interviews with the featured acts.

I’ve kept coming back, however, to Langton, who died after a long battle with cancer and other ailments.

The guitarist, part of 10 Hawkwind albums between 1970-88, opens with a withering indictment of racism on the fleet, solo number “Wars of the Hobby There,” then tears into “Hurry on Sundown” — the 1970 Hawkwind track. Presented without the period-piece cadence, and in a lower key than Dave Brock first sang it, Langton is as focused and full of gravelly forboding in song as he is winking, even a little loopy, with his between-song banter.

His loss is keenly felt in both regards. Langton could be funny and offbeat then, just as completely transcendent with his instrument. He occupied a place not unlike Pink Floyd’s doomed co-founder Syd Barrett in that way.

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