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Volker Von Hoff - Biography

Volker Von Hoff - DRUMMER

1981 -1983 : '21 Escapes' and 'Bamboo' with Paul Gardiner from 'Tubeway Army' - 1 EP on Beggars Banquet 

1983 -1984 : 'Yip Yip Coyote' , managed by Miles Copeland on A&M Records - 2singles and 1album, all of which charted. 

1984 -1985 : 'Fools Can Dance' with Simon Gallup of the 'Cure' - no releases. 

1985 -1986:  I spent in Toronto and New York recording and playing live a lot as this was the only way for me to make a living over there. 

1987: after my return to London I had a very bad motorcycle accident which nearly meant the end to my drumming career. After a long recovery period, I slowly started playing again, going to endless auditions and playing with a number of 'no-name-bands' hoping for another deal. 

1991: I met Alan T. Wells and joined his outfit 'Conzentration' which Huw later joined, and after one of Alan's  legendary fits Huw and I decided to leave and work on his own material. 

After the tour with Huw late in 1994 to date I have played with a number of 'little' bands wondering whether to retire from it or not. 

But obviously I didn’t!

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