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Anubis collaboration NOVEMBER 2010

Anubis collaboration


ISIS of Anubis (Sarah Co'burn) will be undertaking a collaboration project with Huw Lloyd Langton which will culminate in the release of a single / EP after Christmas with tracks written by both Sarah and Huw.

Huw was sent two Anubis albums and Sarah's solo EP and was very impressed with her vocals and song writing ability. Hence this exciting collaboration between Sarah and Huw promises to be an amazing mix of music styles & prowess!

"Sarah feels excited and honoured to be working with the legendary Huw and is touched that he's seen potential in this collaboration."

Sarah is Vocalist and songwriter with the Rock Band ANUBIS. In UK she has headlined festivals and club gigs as well as playing along side The Levellers, Stranglers and many more with ANUBIS.

Sarah co founded Anubis along with Pete Williamson and Simon Lees,. Simon was playing with Budgie at the time and Pete was working as PR manager for Budgie. Sarah had not been involved in the music business until Anubis but had always been around music as her family had been involved in music in varying guises for the last 37 years.

Sarah started writing songs in 2006 /2007 and presented them to Pete,. Anubis was born soon after. Sarah's songs on the first Anubis Album had great success globally and she went from strength to strength building her own fan base along side the Anubis Fan Base.

Earlier this year Sarah reached the Semi Finals of The International Song Writers Competition in both the Lyrics and Rock Sections. With Anubis Sarah has now recorded 3 Albums 'SIBUNA', 'WAKING THE DEAD' and 'LIVE' plus 1 EP 'AVATAR' and released her first Solo EP (Christmas 09) which features 2 of her own tracks 'Abandoned' and 'The Gift' and 'Wish' (written by another artist).

Huw had been ill for several years following contracting Legionnaires Disease whilst on tour with Hawkwind in 2001. It meant he came off the road and only did series of one off gigs until he came back to full health in 2007 when he started writing again.

However illness struck again in Sept 2009 and Huw was hospitalized with septicemia and total renal failure following food poisoning. He recovered once again and was released from hospital in November 09.

Huw is renowned mostly for being the legendary Hawkwind guitarist for many years but in fact his repertoire covers a variety of styles. He has released nine Lloyd Langton Group (LLG) albums since 1985 and two of the earlier albums and 2 singles charted mid-80s. His new album 'Hard Graft' recently released has received excellent reviews with one track from the album called 'So Long Baby' reaching No.1 spot in the A list on EKR Radio.

While Huw is still strongly connected with the 'Hawkwind' mothership it is only recently he has been recognised as a force in his own right. Huw's full history can be found on his official website.

Watch this space!


Sarah's Myspace Site :

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