Thursday, October 01, 2020
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Huw Lloyd-Langton Classical Guitar Tales-2011


On 18 tracks in classical style, Huw prooves that he isn't only a rock guitarist, but also able to play difficult classical tunes and songs.  Even with songs like classical songs, which are not easy to play, you can hear if someone can play guitar or not.

Huw Lloyd Langton is a guitarist with a lot of faces... that doesn't mean his face itself; I mean a lot of styles he has already played. Spacerock with Hawkwind, a lot of Solo-albums in Rock and Hardrock style, also  playing  Heavy Metal with *the Meads of Asphodel* ( 4 CDs)

After his solo-album *Hard Graft* of last year, which was more based in Rock, this album is something completely different. It shows how good he is in reality without effect-pedals and without vocals.

Huw Lloyd Langton is within one of the best I have ever heard in this genre. With very soft and sympathetic notes he plays classical songs of Johann Sebastian Bach, Romance (trad. composer unknown), songs of Dvorak, Giuliani, and many others.

This album shows perfectly the other side of this long-yeared legendary Hawkwind Guitar player.

Sleeve notes, artwork and technical (in this case missing) but more the know how or the playing technique) ten points isk

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