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Competition timetable:

Competition timetable:

September/October, 2009 : the start of the press campaign.

September/October, 2009: beginning of the animation competition - we will visit all Universities/Colleges during the competition

October 19th, 2009 release by Cherry Red Records of the full single: "PDT -Photo Dynamic Therapy"

Feb 2nd, 2010 - major Killing Cancer launch in London - venue to be advertised together with various celebrities who will be in attendance. Huw & LLG to perform selected favourites written by Huw & Marion from LLG & Hawkwind together with the single "PDT-Photo Dynamic Therapy". The major venue has been chosen but until all is confirmed we cannot advertise it just yet.

March 1st, 2010: All animation DVD's have to be received by us - they will be judged during March - again a venue has been chosen but date needs agreeing with all the panel as shown on Press Release.

April 2010 - "Hard Graft" - the band's new album will be released together with the free DVD of the animation competition's outright winner and the 7 runners up renditions.

Universities & Colleges – a selection of photos of students taking part:

University of West England:



Cornwall College Cambourne:

 Jonathon Rudd and Marion


University of Portsmouth:

Portsmouth students

University of Wolverhampton:


Middlesex University:


Canterbury Christ Church University:


Edge HIll University:



More images to Follow...

For more info, see the Killing Cancer Competition page.


PDT - the animation competition

 Download the 2 minute edit of PDT - Photo Dynamic Therapy here: pdt.mp3

Download the Competition Rules (Microsoft Word format)

Download the Competition Entry Form 


This competition is designed as a tool to bring as much focus and awareness of the plight cancer patients have in being put forward for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) treatment. David Longman, Director of the KILLING Cancer charity has worked for five years campaigning to raise the millions required for the on-going trials at University College Hospital (UCH) in London and other hospitals around the UK and the States.  

Now trials are also being carried out at The Royal Free Hospital for breast cancer. Millions are needed to continue in their efforts to bring it into every hospital as an option for cancer patients.  

The procedure is non-invasive, and patients avoid the trauma of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. It simple terms, a thin tube is inserted into the cancerous growth and non-thermal laser light is targeted on the cancer cells. They have already received a drug that makes the target cells sensitive to light. The light and drug combine to destroy the tumour. 

In these trials many patients have been cured. It is an uphill struggle not only to bring awareness of this treatment to the public, but also to get backing from the government to fund new trials and make PDT available to all in OUR health service.  A dedicated PDT unit was opened within UCH in 2007 but we need them nationwide. In conjunction with Marion’s former boss, multi-millionaire Andrew Briggs, and KILLING Cancer, we helped raise the funds to open the unit at UCH. 

How this 2-minute animation synced to music will help: 

KILLING Cancer is undertaking a global campaign, starting in February 2010 and the full length track will be used as their anthem with all publicity materials, live TV coverage and in the music & national media. Music and the arts are an untapped resource for KILLING Cancer. To further this work when the competition ends 1st March 2010 it is intended the winning animation will speak volumes together with the music.  

An album is also being released late spring in conjunction with the campaign and will include the free animated DVD. We will work with KILLING Cancer to promote the album nationwide to raise as much money as possible for their cause. The title of the album appropriately is called “Hard Graft”. The singer, songwriter and lead guitarist is the legendary Hawkwind Guitarist Huw Lloyd-Langton with his band LLG. The vocals on the animated track are Huw’s. The lyrics are dedicated to PDT and cancer patients who struggle to receive the treatment where chemotherapy and radiotherapy have not worked. A full version of the track will be included on the album. A large percentage form the proceeds of the album will go to the charity. 

Endorsement from David Longman, KILLING Cancer: 

“Cancer is a scourge we all face. It could be a family member, a best friend or even you. Or we could be lucky. 

“It takes an amazing person to care more about others than they do for themselves. Huw, Marion and their brilliant friends have done something uniquely special for others by supporting our work. And now they are passing the baton to you and the millions of friends you will reach out to with your animations. 
“A quick visit to our website will perhaps give you some additional inspiration. This is more than a competition. Your efforts are going to change the way that people live and, hopefully, survive their cancers with real quality of life.”


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