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Hard Graft


Huw Lloyd-Langton's New LLG Album 'Hard Graft" . Orders are being taken now. 

This is a limited Edition only complete with a 16 page booklet & bonus tracks. It has also being released as a digital download worldwide - on all the usual digital platforms. 

For more information please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the contact page on the website.

Order Hard Graft CD
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 January 2010: Huw's new CD is nearly ready and he and Marion are pleased to make a sampler MP3 available here, LLG-Hard-Graft-sampler.mp3 (3MB, 2 mins 30 secs long), which will give you an idea of what to expect. The tracks sampled here are "Hard Graft", "Hello Friend" and "The Dream".

Hard Graft Sampler

Huw with Hawkwind

Unearthed from 1988 is this desk recording of Huw performing his own track "Moonglum" (8.5MB) with Hawkwind, along with some tasty eBow work from the trailing/solo end of "Wastelands of Sleep".


Unearthed from 1985 is this desk recording of Huw performing an unreleased (with Hawkwind) number of his own with the band: "Got Your Number", 3.5MB.

Got Your Number


The time is 1978. Huw formed a trio with Simon King [Hawkwind] and Nik Potter [Van der Graaf Generator]. The trio was named Jawa and didn't last long as both Simon and Huw rejoined Hawkwind for their 1979 tour (Huw was to stay in the band for a decade, Simon only a year longer)

Jawa was never thought to have recorded anything (other than the well-known backing of Steve Swindells on his solo album, Fresh Blood - samples here), but we've unearthed a five-track demo tape that's never been heard before. By anyone. And there are some new tracks, notably the outstanding Heart of Stone. Huw's guitar playing is incandescent in his many solos, Simon is as fluid as ever and this may be the first time many of you will have heard Nik.

And now you can download the tracks in the popular MP3 format, below. The audio isn't quite of commercial CD quality, but then remember a) these were demo tracks, b) this was 1978 and c) the music's been on audio cassette for the last 25 years! The sound is still very clear and the music's terrific. The highlight for me is the last minute of Heart of Stone - incredible playing from all three musicians. See what you think!

Steve Litchfield, 2004


Rather than distributing Jawa's music on CDR or tape, we (Huw and Marion) have decided to put all the Jawa tracks up for you to download, right now. There's no enforced charge for doing so, but we would suggest that you make a donation to Huw using PayPal (or by post, if you prefer) as a thankyou. As you know, Huw is a professional musician and has played gigs for you even when poorly (even once, famously, with a broken arm!), so why not say thank you, if you like the tracks?

While the tracks are downloading, why not use the  make a donation to Huw via Pay Pal? Thank you very much.

UPDATE:  SEPT 2012  - New Higher Quality recordings have been unearthed and will be available soon stay tuned!



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